Activities include:

  • Ship repairs

  • Dry-docking

  • On board repairs

For more than 22 years, NAVINCO has successfully executed a large number of ship repairs including steel, piping, boiler, machinery, etc. works, as well as, dry-dockings and on board repairs with flying squads.


We employ a number of highly educated and experienced personnel at managerial and supervisory levels, as well as very skillful and well-trained technicians at plant level.


Over the recent years we have invested in state of the art technology and updating of our equipment, thus enabling our company to meet the project requirements of any kind and extent.


We have a proven and well established ability to complete ship repairs efficiently and at low cost without compromising the quality of work, as well as limiting the repair period to the minimum possible.


 We are proud for never failing to deliver a ship to her Owners on time and as quoted.